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29 december 2023

Year in review 2023

Now it's time to conclude 2023, our toughest year by far. We are a small player in a vast world where events far from us impact us. Never before have we consumed as much economic news as in the past year. Inflation, economic conditions, and a tough job market have made their mark.

We've needed to slow down, put the brakes on our expansive growth plan to face the reality we find ourselves in. As we leave this year behind, I feel immense pride. Pride in all colleagues who've toiled and fought to provide expertise to the job market through our consultants and participants.

We've come through this year incredibly strong, and the positive spirit that characterizes Miljonbemanning will propel us to new heights. I'm completely convinced of that.

I conclude this year with an enormous sense of gratitude towards our organization, all colleagues, customers, partners, participants, and everyone else who has been with us.

Now, we'll take it a bit easier, recharge our batteries, and gear up for a 2024 where we plan to step onto the international stage and continue improving within our field!

I wish you all a fantastic 2024 and finish by sparing a thought for all our fellow human beings out there facing tougher situations, hoping for a better future.

Ali Khalil, CEO at Miljonbemanning