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1 februari 2024

Miljonbemanning Announces the Launch of in Collaboration with Ethiopia's Ministry of Labor and Skills

Stockholm, Sweden – February 1, 2024

Miljonbemanning is proud to announce the launch of, a groundbreaking platform developed in strategic partnership with the Ethiopian Ministry of Labor and Skills. Initiated on August 30, this collaboration represents a significant step in global talent development, notably enhancing opportunities between Ethiopia and Sweden.

Filling Sweden's Employment Needs with Ethiopian Talent - responds to Sweden's increasing demand for skilled professionals in areas like healthcare, industry, IT, and hospitality. By leveraging Ethiopia's diverse talent pool, not only offers significant career opportunities but also fosters robust international collaboration.

Skill Development and Job Matching Platform - is at the forefront of marrying professional development with effective job placement. Our platform provides an extensive range of e-learning courses specifically designed for the Swedish job market, equipping candidates with the skills and certifications they need. More than just e-learning, our SmartCV Technology transforms traditional resumes into dynamic profiles, showcasing each candidate’s individual strengths. Our platform’s AI-driven system also plays a pivotal role, smartly aligning candidates with appropriate job opportunities in Sweden, for a mutually beneficial fit between employers and job seekers.

Quote from HE Ms. Muferihat Kamil, Minister of Labour and Skills of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia:

"We are delighted to announce our significant collaboration with Miljonbemanning, which brings us immense satisfaction. Through nurturing exceptional skills and facilitating opportunities for our talented individuals to pursue fulfilling careers overseas, we unlock tremendous potential. This partnership serves as a prime example of our dedication to empowering Ethiopians and reinforces the strong, existing bilateral cooperation between Ethiopia and Sweden. With unwavering confidence, we believe that our collective efforts will yield transformative results.”

Quote from Ali Khalil, CEO of Miljonbemanning:

"Today’s launch of is a significant achievement for us. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Minister of Labour and Skills H.E. Muferihat Kamil Ahmed, State Minister of Labor and Skills H.E. Ato Nigusu Tilahun, and their dedicated team for their support in this collaborative endeavor. We're setting new benchmarks in international recruitment and talent development."

Global Reach with Local Impact - Designed to accommodate a wide range of candidates,'s robust infrastructure emphasizes its capacity to facilitate talent mobility between Sweden and Ethiopia.

About Miljonbemanning Miljonbemanning, an award-winning recruitment and competence agency, has been at the forefront of the industry for over a decade. Accredited by the Competence Agencies of Sweden, we specialize in offering tailored staffing, outplacement, and recruitment solutions. Our approach is focused on recognizing individual ambitions and skills, moving beyond traditional background checks.

Renowned for our deep cultural understanding and extensive competency network, we excel at connecting our clients with exceptional professionals. Our dedication to embracing diversity and integrating technology equips us to shape the future workforce.

Operating across 32 local offices, Miljonbemanning is committed to bridging the gap between global talent and opportunities, continually driving innovation in the world of recruitment.

For more details about and the opportunities it presents, please visit [].

Contact Information:

For Miljonbemanning

Biniam Fikadu Head of Ethiopian Division +46 8 400 22 750

For Ministry of Labor and Skills of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia:

Abraham Asrat Strategic Partnership CEO Ministry of Labour and Skills 00251913876694