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28 september 2023

ESDP Conference & Awards 2023 in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, September 25, 2023 – Miljonbemanning made a mark at the European Supplier Diversity Project Conference & Awards 2023 held in Amsterdam. This annual event, recognized as Europe's largest gathering focused on Supplier Diversity, highlights diversity and provides businesses with the opportunity to thrive together.

As a minority-owned business itself, Miljonbemanning doesn't merely function as a staffing and recruitment agency but as a strategic partner committed to promoting diversity and inclusion to accelerate business growth.

One of the highlights of the event was Miljonbemanning's Chief Business Officer, Saleh Karrani, who took the stage as a prominent speaker during the panel with the theme "Minority Businesses Matter - Stories from the Trenches." The panel featured inspiring and resilient stories from various European businesses owned by ethnic minorities, with Saleh Karrani sharing valuable insights alongside other distinguished speakers such as Kimberly Ofori, Solange Domaye, and Surja Bose.

Miljonbemanning takes pride in offering inspiring, challenging, and engaging lectures as part of its services. These lectures serve as a powerful tool to motivate and drive positive change within organizations and communities. Learn more about their lecture services by visiting MB Society.

The European Supplier Diversity Project Conference provided a unique platform dedicated to promoting businesses owned by ethnic minorities and immigrants, fostering meaningful discussions, creating invaluable networking opportunities, and offering insights to propel entrepreneurs toward greater success. We share this commitment to diversity and inclusion as an integral part of our daily operations.

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About Miljonbemanning:

Miljonbemanning is a leading player in labor market-related solutions with a global presence. We work to match the workforce with business needs through innovative and tailored solutions. With extensive experience and a commitment to promoting employment, we strive to create meaningful opportunities for both job seekers and employers.