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4 april 2024

Miljonbemanning wins procurement for services in healthcare

We are pleased and proud to announce that we have once again achieved a significant milestone in our continued growth journey.

Following the fine victory approximately six months ago with the Statistics Sweden (SCB) for telephone interviewers, we have now secured another important procurement that further solidifies our position as a key player in the staffing industry in the labor market.

The new procurement concerns staffing services within healthcare and social care with a distinct focus on licensed personnel. Through a rigorous tendering process led by Procurement Södertörn involving Tyresö municipality, Haninge municipality, and Nynäshamn municipality, we have successfully demonstrated our competitiveness by offering not only the most economically advantageous solution but also the most qualitative one. With an impressive bid surpassing our competitors, we have once again proven our ability to deliver high-quality services that meet and exceed the requirements set.

This procurement, formally awarded to us on April 3, 2024, is part of the project Staffing Services Healthcare and Social Care SUN 2023-140, further strengthening our commitment to improving the healthcare and social care sector by providing qualified and dedicated personnel.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our consultants, partners, and clients for their support and trust. It is together that we can achieve outstanding success and continue to strive for quality in everything we do.

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